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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Halo Effect

About The Book: 

In her debut psychological thriller, Pamela Crane digs into the depths of one of the most baffling mental disorders, erotomania. In this based-on-truth story, Crane delivers a sensitive, nimble, and stimulating story of an aspiring screenplay writer on a passage to reconcile her desire for love and fame at all costs.

It started with a glance. And ended with a nightmare.

Small-town girl Haley Montgomery meets two men who will change her life forever—the handsome Marc Vincetti whom she falls head-over-heels for, and the big-time Hollywood producer Allen Michaels who has the power to turn her screenplay into a movie and a ticket to a better future. It seems as though life couldn't get any better—until things take a decidedly dark turn when Haley spots Marc with his former high school sweetheart and Allen develops a consuming obsession with her.

As Haley is faced with a choice between love and fame, Marc becomes the target of a stalker and Haley's life is thrown into a tailspin. Suddenly everything she thought she knew about Marc and Allen is completely wrong—and Haley's life will never be the same again…

With its smooth mix of suspense and romanticism, The Halo Effect recalls the juncture where the heart and psyche meet—often not in the same plane of reality. But it is also about an ordinary woman’s determination to grasp love at the risk of everything. It’s a story where the worst of villains have hearts, and self-discovery unmasks the dark side within all of us with the hope it will lead us to live for something beyond ourselves.
About The Author:     
Pamela Crane’s addiction to writing started with a children’s short story competition and a first place win for her fable Weedlia’s Fate. Now, decades later, along with being a wife and mother, she’s nurtured her love of writing to build a career as an editor and novelist. Along with shaping quirky characters and plotlines that reflect glimpses of her own life, she enjoys riding her proud Arabian horse—when he lets her. 
  Pamela Crane ONLINE:

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My Review:
    This book was a very interesting read. I could never really get my head wrapped around one idea of how it was going before something else happened. By the end of the book it was completely different from how I thought it was going to end! If you enjoy suspense then please look into this book. It was a little hard to get into at first but after that it had me hooked and had me changing my mind a lot. I tend to be able to tell how a book is going to end and I highly enjoyed that this one kept me on the edge of my seat guessing the whole time!! I give this book 4 penguins!!  

Monday, June 4, 2012

Scoripo Rising



Outside the Moulin Rouge, the men said goodnight and dispersed. Alex paced, scanning the giant posters advertising upcoming performances, waiting impatiently until Gigi appeared. “My place or yours?” she asked.
“Yours,” he replied, thinking of the thin walls and the three-minute timer on the water and electricity in his auberge.
In the taxi, Gigi's hands were all over Alex. “I love your body, Alex. You are such a beautiful young American.”
Alex looked at Gigi appreciatively. “You're not bad yourself,” he started to say, but his words were cut short by Gigi's mouth on his.
Gigi's apartment was a shrine to sensuality. The bed was a gigantic round creation occupying half the space of the large room, with a panel of buttons on the side. Alex glanced at the buttons with curiosity.
“Make yourself a drink, mon amour. I won't be long.” Gigi disappeared behind a mirrored door. Moments later, she reappeared in a shear silk robe. She slinked over to Alex and almost before he knew what was happening, she was extracting him from his trousers. At the sight of his impressive erection, Gigi gasped. “You are going to make me very happy, mon amour.”
Alex chuckled. “The pleasure will be all mine,” he replied. He guided Gigi to the bed and eagerly slipped off her robe. A second later, he leaped from the bed. “God damn it! Why the fuck didn't you tell me?”
Gigi lay contrite on the disheveled bed. “But, mon amour, everybody knows Gigi is short for Gilbert.” 

 Author Links
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The Character

About The Book: 

"There is something really important you need to know about me right away. It's a secret. But I'll tell you: I only have one good memory of my dad." So begins ten-year-old Anna's story, a story of abuse that is heart breaking and often difficult to read. In the midst of intense pain, though, Anna finds hope and the will to overcome through her friendship with the mysterious storyteller Ash. An intense and ground-breaking work on a societal and familial issue that is all to often swept under the rug, "The Character" is a study of one remarkable girl and her method for overcoming a life of tragedy and pain.

My Review: 
  Honestly if I could give this book more then 5 penguins I would. It deserves at least 7! It was a very sad book but the writing is amazing and the way the story plays out is written so effortlessly.  Tiffini has a talent for writing and I am looking forward to read her other books as well! More people need to be brought aware to child abuse and I loved that this book could do this and keep readers attentions. I highly recommend this book!!! Just because 5 is the highest that I go I give it 5 even though it deserves more.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

To Whom It May Concern:A Struggle To Survive

About The Book:
   Sometimes random acts of kindness from a stranger or even a perceived enemy cannot only save a life, they can also teach priceless lessons that will follow us forever.
Cynthia Thomas knows this well. She spends her youth being abused by her father, something her mother allows to happen. Always bright in school, she uses a college scholarship to leave home, but as she matures, her adult relationships are still filled with pain and betrayal.
Before it is too late, Cynthia meets Ms. Graham, a woman who should probably hate her, but instead of hurting her, Ms. Graham offers her a way out of her abusive existence. But will Cynthia be able turn Ms. Graham's kindness into a better life, or will she be forever sucked into abusive relationships, like a moth spiraling toward a flame?

My Review:
     This book to me was sad at the beginning. I felt for Cynthia and wished that she could be free from all that she was put through. The book did have a happy ending though which I was glad for! The book took me a little longer to read then most as I had a hard time getting through certain parts of  the book. I liked the book overall though and would give this book 4 penguins!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Follow the adventures of Squirrely, who can't help but to be wiggly and a day dreamer! 

My Review:
 My kids LOVED this book! They ask me to read it to them everyday. They think that it is so funny that he just can't sit still. I asked my four year old what her favorite part of the book was and she said "His Dreams" and that she likes the book a whole lot! So in the eyes of my girls I think this book is amazing. I enjoyed reading it to them also!! I give this book (based off the girls) 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Secrets Unfold

About The Book: 
Can a secret be so powerful that it destroys everything you know? For Mary Jacovitch, whose family history is built on deceit and tragedy, the answer is yes. Entrusted at age seven with her dying father’s dark secret, as a teenager Mary seeks to escape this knowledge and her overbearing mother through promiscuous behavior—but her actions have serious consequences. As Secrets Unfold begins, Mary tries to hide the reality of her pregnancy, but the truth inevitably is revealed. This birth triggers a landslide of tragic events touching everyone in her life: her brother, Steve; her mother, Jean; her adult lover, Ryan; her own newborn son, Nickolai; and beyond. As these pressures prove too great for Mary’s young mind and the strands of sanity unravel, it becomes clear that, for better or for worse, no one’s life will ever be the same again.

My Review: 
       This book was a very easy read. I liked the plot to the book even though I wish it would have gone more into details with things. It kinda just threw you in their life's with every little info. But in all it was a good book and the ending was a shocker and not something I was expecting! It is a book I would like to see a sequel to to find out what happens with the family and the baby. I give it 4 penguins.

Snapshots of Fictionalized Facts

About The Book: 

This is my take on different events in my life. While each of these memories are factual, they have been fictionalized due to time and/or age.

My Review: 
 The book was very well written. It kinda confused me since the pieces of the facts where all over the place. I would have liked it better if they went in an order of some short but that probably would have not been what the author was trying for. It was a very easy and quick read and I enjoyed it besides the all over the place thing. It was very well written in grammar and errors way and I loved getting a look into her life. I give this book 3 penguins only because of the confusion thing.