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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Gods and Fathers

SYNOPSIS:  Nationally bestselling author James LePore has established a reputation as a writer whose vividly drawn characters and morally complex plots have kept readers up to all hours turning pages. His new novel promises more sleepless nights and more nonstop thrills.

Matt DeMarco is an accomplished Manhattan attorney with more than his share of emotional baggage. His marriage ended disastrously, his ex-wife has pulled their son away from him, and her remarriage to a hugely successful Arab businessman has created complications for Matt on multiple levels. However, his life shifts from troubled to imperiled when two cops – men he's known for a long time – come into his home and arrest his son as the prime suspect in the murder of the boy's girlfriend.

Suddenly, the enmity between Matt and his only child is no longer relevant. Matt must do everything he can to clear his son, who he fully believes is innocent. Doing so will require him to quit his job and make enemies of former friends – and it will throw him up against forces he barely knew existed and can only begin to comprehend how to battle.

GODS AND FATHERS is at once a powerful mystery and a provocative international thriller, all of it presented with LePore's signature fascinating characters placed in dire circumstances where every choice poses new and potentially fatal challenges.
 REVIEW: I have to say that this book took me a minute to get into but once I got into it it kept my attention. It was very well written and very well laid out. The author reminds me of John Grisham's works if that is something that you love then you will need to check out all the past and future books from James LePore! He had some amazing twists in the book that I can't really get into without giving much away but all I can say is if you like political thrillers then you need to get this book! 
I give this book 4 penguins! 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Book Summary

                  Once, Lin Tang was a naive teenager, keeper of an ancient mystical art on an isolated mountain in China. In one rebellious moment, she left her home for the bright lights of Shanghai. Just as quickly, her naïveté turned her into a creature of the night, concubine for one master after another until she fell into the hands of Louis Riordan. Then, after many painful hours of training with sensei Lo Chang, she transformed herself into Riordan’s lethal enforcer and one of the most feared vampires in North America.

Her old life lost to her, she has made the most of her new one, building a mini empire of power and respect. But, it is all about to end. A band of humans has dared to challenge her master, Riordan. Even worse, unbeknownst to her, one of those humans is Cantrell Ryker, her most hated enemy, literally returned from the grave. Soon, Lin Tang will be in the most important fight of her life, for these humans, these Hunters won’t stop until they’ve taken her very soul.

My Review
     I found the book very well written and easy to read. The story turned out to be amazing after I was able to get over some personal issues going on and focus fully on the book. It had be staying up late at night and using any spare time I had to read! I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes a twist in the books they read. I have always been a huge Stephen King fan but this author has to come in at a close second and the writings are similar to me. If you are a Stephen King fan you must check out this book! I give this book 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I've Been Tagged

I got tagged to answer some questions and figured I would give it a go :) Incandescent Enchantments is the blog that tagged me so everyone head over there and check it out!


1. You must post the rules.
2. Answer the question the tagger set for you in their post and then create ten new questions to ask the people that you have tagged. 
3. Tag eleven people and link to them on your post.
4. Let them know you've tagged them.

Are you a vampire or werewolf kind of person?
Out of these probably a werewolf
Do you listen to music when you read?
Sometimes. It doesn't bother me to listen to it while reading
Do you prefer to read outside in the sunshine or at night next to a lit fireplace during a storm?
During a storm with a lit fireplace!! 
How did you come up with your blog's name?
I love penguins and a friend came up with it for me
What's your favorite series?
Harry Potter
What author would you love to meet?
Stephen King
What's your favorite genre?
I like YA the best but after that just general fiction
What book do you REALLY want to be a movie(enough that you think you're going to die)?
I'm not sure about that one. I think a lot of books to movies are ruined when they become a movie
How often are you on your blog? On Facebook? Twitter?
My blog is a couple times a week. Facebook and Twitter is daily
What do you prefer: ebooks, paperbacks/hardbacks, or audiobooks?
Questions For People Tagged
1) What made you get started in reviewing books?
2) Who is your favorite author?
3) What book could you read over and over again and not get tired of it?  
4) Where is your favorite place to read?
5) What one tip would you give to new bloggers?
6) What do you hate about blogging?
7) When do you do most of your reading?
8)What do you love about blogging?
9) What is your favorite Genre?
10) Kindle or Nook?
People I Am Tagging (Only Tagging 5 for now)
1)Tabbs @Insightful Minds 
2)Jenn @Jenn's Book Blog  
4) Paula @ Book Lover Stop  
5)Rachel @ Book Crazy Reviews