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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Lone Wolf Agenda


With “The Lone Wolf Agenda,” Joseph Badal steps back into the world of international espionage and military action thrillers and crafts a story that is as close to the real world of spies and soldiers as a reader can find. This fourth book in the Danforth Saga brings Bob Danforth out of retirement to hunt down lone wolf terrorists hell bent on destroying America’s oil infrastructure. Badal weaves just enough technology into his story to wow even the most a-technical reader.

“The Lone Wolf Agenda” pairs Danforth with his son Michael, a senior DELTA Force officer, as they combat an OPEC-supported terrorist group allied with a Mexican drug cartel. This story is an epic adventure that will chill readers as they discover that nothing, no matter how diabolical, is impossible. 

   This was a book that started off fast paced from the start but like most that have an immediate start it didn't slow down. It was full of surprises all the way up til the last chapter. The book in an intense page turner that will pull you in from the start and it wasn't even my normal read. 
I give the book 5 penguins!! 

*Pictures will come later, I am on my phone posting this right now due to computer issues*