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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Book Summary

                  Once, Lin Tang was a naive teenager, keeper of an ancient mystical art on an isolated mountain in China. In one rebellious moment, she left her home for the bright lights of Shanghai. Just as quickly, her naïveté turned her into a creature of the night, concubine for one master after another until she fell into the hands of Louis Riordan. Then, after many painful hours of training with sensei Lo Chang, she transformed herself into Riordan’s lethal enforcer and one of the most feared vampires in North America.

Her old life lost to her, she has made the most of her new one, building a mini empire of power and respect. But, it is all about to end. A band of humans has dared to challenge her master, Riordan. Even worse, unbeknownst to her, one of those humans is Cantrell Ryker, her most hated enemy, literally returned from the grave. Soon, Lin Tang will be in the most important fight of her life, for these humans, these Hunters won’t stop until they’ve taken her very soul.

My Review
     I found the book very well written and easy to read. The story turned out to be amazing after I was able to get over some personal issues going on and focus fully on the book. It had be staying up late at night and using any spare time I had to read! I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes a twist in the books they read. I have always been a huge Stephen King fan but this author has to come in at a close second and the writings are similar to me. If you are a Stephen King fan you must check out this book! I give this book 


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