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Monday, January 16, 2012

Seven Lambs: Stories of Peace from the Old Testament

Book Description
 Five Old Testament stories of peace for children. Abraham’s treaty with Abimelech; Joseph and his brothers; Ruth and Boaz; Jonah (and the half of a verse which we sometimes forget); and the vision of peace from Micah. Illustrations include scenes from classic oil paintings and Bible engravings, one blueprint, and a bunch of sheep. The book is made in the USA.

 My Review
I was very excited to get this book and read it to my kids. The wording was perfect for them to understand and they loved the pictures. The author did an amazing job at keeping the stories short so it kept their attention but also got his point across in every story. This book is now a weekly read in our house and the kids still are not tired of reading it. I have to say that I enjoyed it myself. It's a book that all ages can enjoy together.I would have to give this book


Ning said...

hey!! found you through hollow tours! new follower!

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Eileen said...

This sounds like it would be an awesome book for little kids! Great review! I'm a new follower from Hollow Readers, by the way. My link is if you want to check out my site.

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